Deliciously Buffet Catering – Platters & Prices

We can supply deliciously tasty high quality finger buffet platters for every occasion including: weddings. funerals, anniversaries, birthday parties, Christmas parties, business lunches, corporate and office party functions.

Sample Menu

Sandwich Platter – Large Tray £28.00 (11 rounds) or 2.60 per round.
Savoury Tray (quiche, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and mini eggs) – Large Tray £25.00
Chicken Platter – Large Tray £30.00
Mixed Meat Tray (includes ham and beef) – Large Tray £40.00
Vol au Vents Platter – Large Tray £28.00
French Stick and Butter Tray – Large Tray £16.00
Seafood Platter – Large Tray £40.00
Cake Platter – Large Tray £28.00
Mini finger rolls with fillings Platter – Large Tray £25.00
Crisps Platter – Large Tray  with dips – £18.00
Indian or Chinese Platter – Large Tray £35.00
Vegetarian with 4 Dips Platter – Large Tray £30.00
Mini Pizza Platter – Large Tray £25.00
Gala Egg Pie Platter – Large Tray £28.00
Fruit Platter – Large Tray £35.00
Large Bowl of Coleslaw £15.00 (serves approx 25)
Large Bowl of Potato Salad £15.00 (serves approx 25)
Large Bowl of Tuna Mix or Chicken & Bacon Pasta £18.00 (serves approx 25)

Prices include delivery to venue.

We can now also supply a set menu at £7.00 per head (for a minimum 30 persons) which will include:

Selection of mixed sandwiches
Selection of quiche/sausages rolls
Mini sausages and mini pork pies
Mini mixed pizza
Chicken tray
Crisps and cheddar chunks
Selection of cakes

For further information please call us on 07957 559039 or use the Contact Form